The BMW M Developments E36/E46 M3 38mm Inner CV Joint Kit

The BMW M Developments E36/E46 M3 38mm Inner CV Joint Kit

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Inner CV Joint Kit (the side closest to the differential, as image) - Two required per vehicle


1996-1999 BMW E36 3.2 Coupe & Convertible M3 Evolution (38mm spline depth)

1999-2006 BMW E46 3.2 Coupe & Convertible M3

If you are finding some clicking/knocking noises from the rear of your BMW M3 it could well be some slack in your driveshafts! These cars are creeping up on mileage now and replacing your inner CV's is a great idea if you find some unwanted noises from the diff area. The lifespan of a CV joint is in the region of 100-130,000 road miles, with these cars being used on track more and more that lifespan decreases significantly. Some BMW track teams replace CV joints yearly or even less!

Eliminate excessive inner CV joint play with this OEM quality kit.

Made in England.

Comes with:

1 x CV joint

1 x CV boot

1 x CV boot flange

1 x CV inner cover

2 x Proper metal cable ties

1 x CV joint grease sachet

1 x new cir-clip for the driveshaft spline

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